When will I receive my scooter?

Due to high demand, scooters currently ship from our factory within 30 days of order. Delivery time after shipping varies by country.

Where is the Quick Start Guide?

In case you need it, we’ve made our user manual available here.

My scooter doesn't start moving when I press the accelerator, what's wrong?

Nothing is wrong - you need to kick off a couple of times, and then the motor will turn on. This is for safety reasons.

What does the 1,2,3 indicate on my dashboard?

Those are speed modes - 1 is beginner, 2 is intermediate, and 3 is REALLY FAST!

Can I ride in the rain?

While you could, as the scooter is water resistant, it is not particularly safe, and we do not recommend it.

The load capacity is 250 pounds, can two people ride together?

We appreciate the desire for togetherness, but unfortunately, this is not something we can recommend you do. 

What is your warranty?

For the original owner, Unagi scooters and their components carry the following warranty with all dates determined by record of sale. Warranty does not include normal wear and tear, or intentional abuse.

Frame – lifetime.

Battery – 2 years or 500 complete cycles (our battery is rated to deliver 70% of initial capacity after 500 complete charge/discharge cycles)

Electronics – 2 years

Parts (excluding wear items such as grips and wheels) – 1 year

North America only – due to complications around international shipping and repairs, the Warranty is only valid in the United States, Mexico, and Canada

Batteries require regular charging to stay healthy. If storing your Unagi scooter for long periods of time, make sure to do so with a fully charged battery to avoid any potential damage. Failure to follow these storage guidelines will void your warranty. Please refer to your owner’s manual for further instructions on battery care and let us know if you have any questions.